To anyone with well or well related matters Vinny At aquifer water Systems is the only call you should make.
We had called several recommended well contractors and had them look at our system. Two of them immediately recommended putting in a new well pump. Our well pump is only 13 years old out of a typical lifespan of 20 to 25 years.
When Vinny came to our home he examined everything closely inside and out and immediately came up with several alternatives.
As I am someone that likes to lean towards overkill I asked him to bring a brand new pump anyway.
After pulling our pump Vinny recognize that there is nothing wrong with ours and strongly recommended that we did not need to spend the money even though he had the pump available on his truck and was told by me that I would lean towards replacing it.
He eventually convinced me not to spend the money and that I had many more years of service life left on my original pump.
We did find that my pressure tank did have a leak and Vinny explained exactly where and how it occurred.
He did not have one on his truck so he brought one within the hour from his warehouse.
In short I cannot emphasize the level of personal attention to detail, work ethic, and good old fashion honesty that Vinny represents.
I was able to stay with him through the entire job and he was able to answer many questions I had all while he was working on my system. Thank you Vinny for your education and your patience and your professionalism.
I would never call anyone else in the future.

Staci Bassignani

Excellent service!!! After calling numerous well companies Vinny and his assistant were very responsive. He really knows his craft and was very fair in price. He returned my call ASAP and was at my house the next day. He did an evaluation and determined that my well pump was shot but the motor was still good. Note, most companies will simply sell you a new pump and motor that will cost around $1200 to $1400. He carefully explained to me my options to get my system working IN THE MOST COST EFFECTIVE WAY. To save me on cost , Vinny had a spare used pump and offered it to me and only charged me labor. He installed it and my system was up and running. He took the time to tweak my system and made recommendations for optimal performance . You can't find guys like this anymore. Very fair and honest!!! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

Manny Viray

Vinny is very knowledgeable, professional, and trustworthy in his trade. He had replaced our shallow well pump a few years back after spending hours diagnosing the underlying issue. Recently, we had a minor water leak and he accommodated our schedule to come fix the issue. He is customer oriented and makes sure that his work is the best quality. I would highly recommend Aquifer Water Systems.


Vinnie is very professional, honest, and priced fairly. I wouldn't think of calling anyone else for my well water issues. The first time we used his services he replaced our well pump which had been knocked out of commission by a lightning strike. This time he replaced the water pressure tank and did the job right. Better than the original including stainless steel fittings. I can tell he takes pride in his work.

R Doughty

"I would definitely recommend their services to anyone. Great fast customer service and affordable pricing. We're selling our home, so we needed it done ASAP. It was fixed immediately! Saved us money, time and a ton of headaches."

Melanie F.

June 9, 2016

"My well water tank broke. The well was installed by Ray's Well & Drilling Co. Vincent Wernerspach of Aquifer Water Systems LLC serviced the system and recommended that the tank be replaced. He gave me a written estimate, which was very reasonable when I compared it to other company's pricing. Vincent even gave me credit for the initial service call, when he did the review of what was wrong with the system. He performed the tank installation very quickly and with extreme care. He did the installation in a neat and clean manner. He also went out of his way to check water pressures coming from the well. He made recommendations for adjustments to my grass sprinkler system to perform better with the well. I am very satisfied with Vincent's work. I would surely recommend his company to others whose are having problems with their well system."


May 21, 2016

"We used Aquifer Water Systems twice in the last several months. The first time was an emergency call due to a pump issue and the second for replacing the water tank. Both times Vincent was professional and we were very satisfied with his work."


May 18, 2016

"We would recommend Vinny and family to anyone who wants pure drinking water.The quality of their work is the best.All questions we had were thoroughly answered .They deserve to be paid above and beyond agreed prices.KenS."

Ken S.

April 23, 2016

"Service was great. Very knowledgeable and explained what was needed, how everything worked and what to look out for. I would definitely recommend Aquifer Water Systems."

Garrett G.

April 21, 2016

"Excellent service. Polite, professional and prompt"

Yishai N.

February 23, 2016

"Great company to do business with! Highly recommend!"


February 20, 2016

"I would recommend this company to my customer. Professional, honest, and fair price. Call and Vinny return my call. Came by check my plumbing and well. Found that water softener was clogged. repair and also added a by pass. Very happy with his work."

Doug F.

March, 2016

"I would highly recommend! The owner is very knowledgeable. I found this company to be honest and fair."

Michelle K.

Simply the greatest. Very professional, honest,and prompt. You can't ask for more.

Alla G.

Just wanted to put this company out there for anyone who has well systems. Our well system was really never maintenance so we found this company after researching and I have to say it was worth the call. He spent many hours at my house cleaning out everything making it so my rust count went down by more than half. He was courteous and worked very hard to make sure he could fix our system without having to go for a new one at this point. I would recommend this company to anyone who has a well system!!!!

Robyn E.

I would definitely recommend their services to anyone. Great fast customer service and affordable pricing. We're selling our home, so we needed it done ASAP. It was fixed immediately! Saved us money, time and a ton of headaches.

Melanie S.

I have used aquifer water systems llc many times and was always very satisfied. Vinny is very professional and knows what he is talking about.

Scott R.

Great price and service.


Vinny was a pleasure to do business with. He is very courteous. He knows his business. I highly recommend him.

Jude M.

Quick response. quality service. very reasonable costs.

Jenna L.

Great service.

Riv B.

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